Nadav Ben-Ezer

Managing Director

Key responsibilities: general management, HR, sales, legal

Experience: 35+ years in the semiconductor industry, business and R&D

Notable past employers: Fairchild Semiconductors and national Semiconductors

Years in the company: 34


Yulia Milshtein

GM, Head of Business

Key responsibilities: business strategy, sales, strategic supplier engagement, productization, operations, general management

Experience: 20 years in Business, Operations, Quality, and R&D

Notable past employers: Applied Materials

Years in the company: 12


Pavel Vilk

GM, Head of Engineering

Key responsibilities: leading the engineering team, technical sales, full customer solution, methodology, general management

Experience: 23 years in Architecture, SW, FE, BE, Test

Notable past employers: Intel

Years in the company: 19


Eugene Lyubinsky


Key responsibilities: leading new technology adoption, analog, package, methodology, HW development and test

Experience: 30 years in FE, BE, Analog, HW, Test

Notable past employers: Dazix, ELTA, Orbotech, ModemArt

Years in the company: 25