FPGA to ASIC Conversions:

AAS provides conversion services from FPGA to ASIC when moving to mass production for cost, power and area reduction and performance improvement. Such conversion is requiring minimal involvement from the customer and ensures smooth transition and quick turnaround. The replacement is pin compatible.

ASIC Technology Migrations:

AAS provides conversion services for transition from old ASIC technologies to new ones, which may be required due to obsolescence or end of life announcements by silicon vendors or due to change in performance requirements or higher integration of several ASICs or FPGAs into one ASIC device. The replacement is pin compatible, and can help customer avoid the painfull board re-design and re-certification.

Examples of conversion scenarios:

  • Atmel ASIC End Of Life replacement
  • LSI Logic ASIC End Of Life replacement
  • NXP ASIC End Of Life replacement
  • ASIC End Of Life replacement
  • Device End Of Life ASIC replacement
  • ASIC to ASIC conversion for End of Life
  • END of Life ASIC solution
  • ASIC continuous supply
  • ASIC replacement for FPGA
  • FPGA to ASIC conversion
  • ASIC to ASIC conversion for technology migration
  • Few FPGA to single ASIC conversion
  • Few ASICs to single ASIC conversion
  • FPGA board to ASIC reduction
  • Board to ASIC cost reduction
  • Board to ASIC power reduction