AAS's design team is comprised of proficient and knowledgeable ASIC, system/CAD and analog engineers, who have expertise in all aspects of ASIC, Analog, FPGA designs and implementation.

We have implemented numberous SoC and analog designs in HPC, automotive, AI/AI edge, communications, perceptual computing, medical, consumer, multimedia, high rel and industrial markets. A wide range of applications includes: Native user interface, network; wireless access; WiFi and WiMax; VSAT; point of sale readers; ATM; home/office gateway; 3G cellular; modems; vision for automotive; multimedia; medical low power implants; video processing and RFID etc.
AAS's expertise spans all aspects of ASIC design: from the complex SoC  while incorporating leading edge silicon technologies in deep sub-micron design (DSM) and design for manufacturing (DFM) issues.
AAS's primary design platform is based on Synopsys tools for RTL to GDSII flow and full custom analog design. Our engineers are also experienced with Synopsys CAD flow and Mentor tools.
Areas of Expertise

ASIC/SoC Design
  • System architecture in CPU and DSP environment
  • RTL logic design
  • IP integration and verification
  • Synthesis and physical synthesis
  • Formal proof
  • Design for test (DFT)
  • Automatic test pattern generation (ATPG)
  • Place & route
  • Static timing and timing closure
  • Signal integrity (IR drop, XTALK noise & timing)
  • Physical verifications (Extract/DRC/LVS)
  • Tape-out and GDSII generation
  • ASIC emulation and verification
  • FPGA design and implementation for system validation


Analog Design


  • A/D D/A converters
  • PLLs and CDRs (clock data recovery)
  • Step up/down charge pumps
  • Regulated power supplies and band-gap reference
  • Line drivers
  • Electro-optical device drivers
  • PVT sensors
  • Power management units
  • Analog testing and Turnkey manufacturing