AAS acts as a single point of communication for managing logistics, customer service, production, and all product-related and commercial aspects. The administrative section of our manufacturing team is responsible for handling logistics and financial aspects of the supply chain.

During the design and productization phases of the project, we organize timely and cost-efficient delivery of the prototypes, including documentation, shipment and customs clearance issues. During the production phase, we establish a system for monitoring and controlling production flow. The basic activities that we perform include:


Foundry reports

  • Forecasting

  • Planning

  • Scheduling

  • Inventory control

  • Wafer manufacturing and sorting (probing) monitoring

  • Our customers can choose the most convenient reporting system and how often they would like to receive any of the following reports:

  • Assembly and test monitoring

  • Shipments and documentations between all manufacturing sites

  • WIP

  • Wafer sort


Assembly & Test house reports

  • Wafer maps

  • WIP

  • Assembly yield

  • Finished goods storage

  • Shipment report


AAS reports

  • Final Test yield

  • Financial statistics

  • Invoices tracking & correlation with vendor invoices

  • Wafer sort yield statistics

  • Assembly yield statistics

  • Final test yield statistics

  • Wafer sort versus final test statistics

  • Forecasts

  • Forecast versus actual shipments

  • Shipments tracking report

As a part of Avnet Inc., we benefit from Avnet's global presence and superior shipping and warehousing capabilities.